Experts in helping businesses reduce health care costs by investing in healthy employees. With decades of health care planning and benefits administration experience, we offer employers a complete and integrated approach to health care management.

We know healthy employees mean a healthy bottom line.
Q: What is Wellness?

A: Wellness is the process of being aware of and actively working toward better health.

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There is no debate health care costs are a crisis

for businesses. The cost of providing employees with health insurance coverage is increasing at a double-digit rate, and is projected to continue to do so.

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Our goal is to reduce preventable heath care costs

and ultimately save your company money through a more productive work force, lower workman’s compensation costs, and healthier employess.

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You must take preventive action

in order to lower your health care costs. Forward Health & Wellness has the professionals, experience, and expertise to help you take charge of rising health care costs.

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